If you are here then there's somethings wrong with you…. FIX IT! Ang germs di binibaby.. PINAPATAY! OBLITERATE THEM ALL!

Philippines ASBU Anti Smoke Belching Campaign…. ASS BU YOUR FACE YOU PIGS!!


Yahoooo! MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES! Philippine ASS BULOK! Well this are the guys organized by the DENR. Thank you DENR and the ASS BU also thanked you SO SO MUCH for giving them a life!

Well for your information the ASS BU are the one in-charged with selecting the old vehicles of their choice for money.

Criteria for judging:

1. Old Vehicles from 2008 down. But Wait! if your vehicle is a newer model let say 2011 but looks like an old one then your on the HITLIST!

2. Diesel

3. Dirty. Where you can write down your name on the wind shield or the body and say I LOVE ASS. BU

The Lucky Experience

I was driving my L300 Van down C5 to attend a wedding at Quezon City.  Then I saw this Cute ASS Faces on the side and was waiving at me. Oh! Very friendly guys indeed. Who are they? I then pulled over and ask them “Yes boss? Ano pong atin?” This very polite guy said ” Itabi mo nga rito! Smoke-belching test lang”. I said “Boss di na kailangan. Nakita nyo naman walang itim na usok dyan o at kapapacheck up ko lang lahat dito”. The guy just ignored me and talk to another guy and then went up to me and said “Test naten yung usok. Apakan mo nga yung gas.” Then I stepped on it for 20 seconds or so then stop. “O wala diba, puti pa yung usok”. then He said ” hindi eh meron eh. Apakan mo uli”. I then stepped on it and it took a little longer and stopped. ” O diba wala. Boss medyo nagmamadali ako eh may pupuntahan kase akong kasal.” Then this guy really doesn’t want me to go. He said ” Ako nga dyan at ako ang aapak” Then I know what this means. Then he stepped on it so hard.” Gusto ba nyang masira ang makina ko? The Fat ASS Pig said ” Sige! Bombahin mo! Bombahin mo pa! ” I can feel the engine was  really at its peak then suddenly black smoke came. “Ayan oh!” Said that ASS boy. Then here it goes a gadget was placed on the exhaust pipe and they are at it again. Result? 9.58 O_O  “Sir totoo ba yan? Alam nyo kapapatest ko lang nito a couple of days aho kase luluwas ako ng manila and it passed. Tapos pano hindi uusok ng maitim yan halos sirain nyo na yung makina” They were just smiling. I was really fuming. Then they said I have to pay a thousand pesos for this and they will take my plate out. Alam ko na ito. ” Pwede bang pag usapan nalang naten yan? Magkano po ba?” Then this PIG ASS BU said “Pumasok ka sa sasakyan at dun tayo mag usap sige 500 nalang para maayos to kesa maabala kapa.” I gave them 500 and they let me go.

I was wondering if they waved on me and didn’t pull over anong ikakaso saken? Until now gusto kong sumabog sa galit dahil wala akong kapangyarihan para tangalin ang mga ito at ikulong after nila gawin saken yun. Sa Pilipinas basta may posisyon ka and you have the POWER you can do this. THIS IS PHILIPPINES.

PUMUNTA SILA SA EDSA AT DUN MAKAKAKITA SILA NG TUNAY SA USOK. Stupid Guys. They could be Millionaires right now!

Again. anong ginagawa ng ABS-CBN, GMA, ABC5 etc. for this? Ay nga pala. Trabaho din ba ito ni Pnoy?

This is PHILIPPINES and no one will be arrested or be put in Jail for they have power.

You ASS Bu’s will die eventually and you will ride a 20 year old Limousine with the exhaust inside it and all of you will have the turn to stepped on the gas for an hour. Don’t worry. It’s coming.

Fucking ASS(BU) holes.

But I need to Laugh this out =) Tang ina you! & Tang ina this! =)


Picture originally came on one of this links.



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