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Maraming Salamat Po Tito Dolphy – Ang Pagpupugay


Nangingilid ang luha sa aking mga mata habang binabasa ko ang mga post sa internet at sinisiguradong totoo ang nababasa ko. Ipinapanalangin kong HOAX lamang ang mga ito at kagagagawan nanaman ng mga gustong sumikat na sila ang unang ng post na namayapa na ang aking Idol (lalong lalo na ang mga tao sa twitter). Nagimbal nalamang ako ng nakita ko mismo sa philstar ang balita. Hindi ko man siya kaano ano ngunit ako’y nalungkot at may parang kirot sa aking dibdib nang mapatunayan kong siya’y lumisan na.





Banayad Whisky


ngunit maiba tayo


Pnoy Idiniklarang National Day of Remembrance ang July 13 – Hhmmmm….. (Parang kapakshitan to ah. Lastog.)

PNoy declares Day of Remembrance for Dolphy

by Jojo Malig,
Posted at 07/12/2012 7:04 PM | Updated as of 07/12/2012 9:10 P

MANILA, Philippines (5th UPDATE) – President Benigno Aquino on Thursday declared Friday, July 13, 2012 as  National Day of Remembrance for the late king of Philippine comedy Dolphy.

Aquino issued the declaration in Proclamation 433.

“The President issued the proclamation in recognition of how the nation deeply feels the passing of Dolphy. In the proclamation, the President cited Dolphy as a man who will live on in Philippine cultural history—and in the hearts of many of his countrymen,” deputy Presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said in a press statement.

“President Aquino in his proclamation said that every milestone that Dolphy marked in a career that spanned decades, raised the standards of the entertainment industry, and strengthened our cultural identity, giving innumerable aspirants an example to look up to,” she said.

Valte said Aquino also cited Dolphy’s philanthrophy and generosity towards other people.

“In citing Dolphy’s life and career, the President in his proclamation said it is appropriate to mark the memory of Mr. Quizon’s contributions to Philippine culture, arts, and entertainment,” she said.

Valte said it is not a non-working holiday.

She added that the proclamation does not require flags to be flown at half staff and no moment of silence will be held Friday.

Valte said the emphasis is on celebrating Dolphy’s life and not his passing.

“The President’s proclamation is in keeping with the wishes expressed by the late Dolphy himself, and his family, that he be remembered not with sadness, but with the same warmth and joy he brought to the lives of millions throughout his career,” Valte said in her statement.

‘Dolphy’s greatest gift’

“Even as we grieve the loss of a cultural icon and a master of his field, we should never forget that Dolphy made generations of Filipinos laugh; he was unparalleled in tapping into our inherently jovial spirit—that both challenges and triumphs could be met with optimism and cheer; and that therefore, this was the greatest gift he gave the Filipino people, and this is the kindness that he will always be remembered for,” she added.

The Day of National Remembrance for Dolphy will allow Filipinos to reflect on the late comedian’s art and artistry, his kindness and generosity, and deep patriotism, Valte said.

“The President asks all our countrymen to make this Day of Remembrance a celebration of the full life that Dolphy, with utmost generosity, shared with the country,” she added.

Valte earlier told radio dzMM that the Palace received several proposals to declare a national day of mourning for Dolphy.

She said the President has the discretion to make such a declaration “if there is something that happens that has a significance on the country.”

The Day of Remembrance for the late comedian is neither a regular nor a special holiday. Work and classes in government offices and public schools will not be suspended.

Aquino visits wake

President Aquino also visited Dolphy’s wake at the Heritage Park in Taguig City on Thursday to pay his last respects to the Philippines’ king of comedy.

Aquino was welcomed by the comedian’s long-time partner singer Zsa Zsa Padilla and their daughter Zia Quizon.

The President arrived with Transportation and Communications Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II to pay respects to the late veteran actor.

On a congressman’s proposal to declare June 10 every year as “Dolphy Day,” Valte said, “We will leave it first to the legislature on how to deal with that particular bill and we’ll study it when it reaches the Executive.”

In 2009, then-President Gloria Arroyo declared 10 days of national mourning following the death of former President Corazon Aquino on August 1, 2009.

All flags in government buildings were flown at half-staff from August 1 to August 10, 2009.

Meantime, friends, fans and colleagues of Dolphy continue to flock to the Heritage Park in Taguig City.

Among those who visited today were Senator Lito Lapid, who co-starred with Dolphy in a number of movies, and former First Lady Imelda Marcos.

Fans also brought memorabilia of the Comedy King which they offered to the family.

The wake was open to the public until 3 p.m. Thursday.

It will be open to the public again on Friday and Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Dolphy died Tuesday after a long bout with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. — with reports from Willard Cheng and Ryan Chua, ABS-CBN News; ANC; dzMM

Dito galing ang istorya :


Wag sanang gamitin si Idol sa kung saan pamang pang sariling kapakanan. Lastog.  You will be remembered kahit ano pa man at hinding hindi ka malilimutan..


Girls in red light district – Stop Human Trafficking. Stop Prostitution.

Great Add for Anti Human Trafficking

Every year, thousands of women are promised a dance career in Western Europe.

Sadly, they end up here.

This is also happening in the Philippines. Girls from provinces looking for decent jobs to save their family from poverty often offered jobs in the City like Manila or abroad and end up as prostitutes. Someone said a Filipina committed suicide (found dead inside the closet) after being forced to work as a prostitute at Kish Island. The story was her passport got expired while working there (Middle East) then someone offered help and brought her to Kish Island not knowing  what awaits her. The one who shared her story says she can’t handle the shame of what had happened to her thinking about his love ones most specially her beloved boyfriend. I dunno if her body was brought back to the Philippines. Sadly her family & boyfriend never knew what really happened to her. This story was told 5 years ago by folks from the Middle East using a yahoo group account. Where’s the so called OFW FUND now which has a total of P13 billion that  OWWA accumulated (P100 million every year) that will be used to assist our fellow OFW? N O N E

May her soul rest in peace….



Want Same Story about Human Tracfficking in the Philippines?  You can visit this site also :



Human trafficking’ Filipinas await return of their passports

Sex Trafficking: Deceived by family (fourth in a five part series)

Will Time Big Time June 28, 2012 Episode. Jana – a 20 year old gorgeous, pretty Receptionist at an Electric Company in Antipolo

Sorry Guys but you can’t see any pictures of Jana here. I too have a huge crush on her. For me very pretty, maputi, makinis and gifted (you know what I mean… No offense). Yun nga lang parang iba ang nangyri sa show. Tinanong ang Size…. Sumagot naman… “D” at pumayag na magpakarga. Is it “RIGHT” is it “WRONG”?

Here’s the vid courtesy of Mr.  in youtube.

a Filipino Citizen commented on this on Kapatid TV saying:

Care Icare

mahal na mahal po namin ang Wil Time Big Time… every night po kami nanunuod kasi po masayang panuorin…KASO yong last episode po nyo June 28, 2012 dun sa Gorgeous Secretary, receptionist etc. mukhang may mali po sa pag treat nyo kay JANA, mejo offensive po mga joke nyo sa kanya, mejo na nalungkot po tatay namin kasi what if anak daw po nya si Jana papayag na ganun pag joke nyo, tsaka pag tsansing po ginawa nyo. nahiya lang po siguro si JANA na sabihin.. what if si Anak ni Sen. Manny Villar yong contestant, magagawa nyo ba kuya Willy na biruin ng ganun? MARAMI PONG NANUNUOD SA INYO KAYA HINAY HINAY LANG PO.. anyways.. MORE POWER PO SA INYO.. wag lang po ganun gawin nyo.


Willie Revillame Strikes Again! =))




(Hope she’s still connected with  her company though after 7 months of working there. In our company you will be suspended or worse will be forced to resign if you use the Company logo or name in vain. I  crush you Pretty Jana…. less than 3! ❤ XOX lol)

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