If you are here then there's somethings wrong with you…. FIX IT! Ang germs di binibaby.. PINAPATAY! OBLITERATE THEM ALL!

Girls in red light district – Stop Human Trafficking. Stop Prostitution.

Great Add for Anti Human Trafficking

Every year, thousands of women are promised a dance career in Western Europe.

Sadly, they end up here.

This is also happening in the Philippines. Girls from provinces looking for decent jobs to save their family from poverty often offered jobs in the City like Manila or abroad and end up as prostitutes. Someone said a Filipina committed suicide (found dead inside the closet) after being forced to work as a prostitute at Kish Island. The story was her passport got expired while working there (Middle East) then someone offered help and brought her to Kish Island not knowing  what awaits her. The one who shared her story says she can’t handle the shame of what had happened to her thinking about his love ones most specially her beloved boyfriend. I dunno if her body was brought back to the Philippines. Sadly her family & boyfriend never knew what really happened to her. This story was told 5 years ago by folks from the Middle East using a yahoo group account. Where’s the so called OFW FUND now which has a total of P13 billion that  OWWA accumulated (P100 million every year) that will be used to assist our fellow OFW? N O N E

May her soul rest in peace….



Want Same Story about Human Tracfficking in the Philippines?  You can visit this site also :



Human trafficking’ Filipinas await return of their passports

Sex Trafficking: Deceived by family (fourth in a five part series)


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