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Heart Attack Grill Las Vegas – Taste Worth Dying For (Wish List)


YUP! This is a MUST GO if you’re in Las Vegas.

Was watching TLC before going to work and saw this segment about this Jaw breaking burger in Las Vegas. The Heart Attack Grill. Boasting its BYPASS Burgers you can order 4 types of Burger Meal namely the Single Bypass, Double Bypass, Triple Bypass and the Awesome Quadruple Bypass Burger oozing with almost 8,000 calories!


Moreover you will intimately I mean ultimately get blood rush once their sexy waitresses dressed in short short nurse clothes attending to your liking’s. You’ll never know you can get a mouth to mouth resuscitation if ever you blanked out eating the Quadruple Bypass Burger.


Also if you’re lucky enough (I don’t really know if it really is called LUCKY) you can get a free meal! Over 350 Lbs? Eat for free!


I wish they could bring it here in the Philippines.  Deym




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