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how THERE you! lol ^^, (a Pacqiao vs. Bradley Controversy)


This is the day that I was expecting for Pacqiao to loose! Yup! But not in this kind of way.

I wanted Pacqiao to loose the fight in order for me to see how the Prestigious Philippine Government welcome a fallen fighter. Does it come with flashy bands? Or a group of Politicians flocking the International Airport? Will I see the famous Mascot of Pacqiao Lito Atienza? (Pacqiao is not from Manila but this former Mayor spends a lot just for Pacqiao. Hope he gives the same treatment on other out-sider and Athletes.. I don’t see him recently) … Don’t worry fellas the other Mascot is always on Pacqiao’s side… Will they still award him even though he lost the fight?


I’m not a fan of Pacqiao and also Bradley. I admire how Bradley handled the interview after the fight. What a good guy he is. As for Pacqiao…. its true what Pacqiao said.. ..”He is running and running… moving and moving!” ^^,

I’ve been observing our government on how they treat our fellow athletes. Win or loose they should give every Filipino Athletes Honor and Respect for they fought not only for themselves but for the honor of our country.

As Ms. Camana of STI Colleges said ” how THERE u!” ^^, (how dare you)


Kiss and make up?


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